Karate Builds... Self-Confidence & Critical Thinking

Karate Builds... Self-Confidence & Critical Thinking

Karate Builds... Self-Confidence & Critical ThinkingKarate Builds... Self-Confidence & Critical Thinking

"YES I CAN" attitude since 1978. 

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My son started when he was in Kindergarten. The instructors are excellent in working with young children. I really appreciated how they teach manners along with karate. My son gained a lot of confidence throughout the years we have attended. ~ Teresa B.

My daughter, who is now 8, started her karate here when she was about 3 and a half. Upon starting I was asked where I would like to see improvements in my daughter and for us it was behavioral of course. We went from looking at behavioral therapy to bypassing that with the help of the instructors and I now have a well behaved junior black belt. I can't say enough good things. This isn't your typical karate class. They teach so much more besides kicks and punches. I would recommend them to anyone. ~ Brittany S.

My son has went there since he was 4. We started him out for guidance in discipline, respect etc. They help mold these kiddos into great young adults. I’ve seen it with the kids who are older,  that have also went there for a long time. Now my son is 10 and he is learning how to defend himself and has fun with the friends he has made there. Greatest Sensei's and Shihan around! ~ LeAnn P.

My children have been coming here for about 2 years. We absolutely love it!! The parents are able to watch classes and can see first-hand the ways we can reinforce behaviors and practice to help improve our kids' performance. The instructors are great!! They are very patient especially working with so many different levels of experience. The standards here are set high, but attainable with hard work and dedication. ~ Kristy M.


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