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Shihan Malyar

Curt Malyar has over 40 years of Karate and Wrestling experience. He has coached over 40 Top-Ten Karate competitors and two national fighting champions. Mr. Malyar has coached two wrestling teams, with serval state wrestling qualifiers and state champions on each team. Due to his experience, expertise, and understanding of the "Martial Sciences," Mr. Malyar has had the privilege of training with several All American martial artists such as Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Joe Lewis. He was the first person to recieve a Black Belt from both karate legends. Mr. Malyar currently holds a 7th degree Black Belt under Mr. Wallace.


Sensei Joyner

Andrew Joyner began training under Mr. Malyar at the age of eight. Mr. Joyner began as a junior instructor at USA Karate in 1999. Currently he is  the lead instructor for the kids classes, as well as the office manager. Mr. Joyner currently holds a 4th degree Black Belt under Mr. Malyar and a 1st degree Black Belt under Mr. Bill Wallace. 


Sensei Fox

Dr. Jim Fox has trained under Mr. Malyar for over 25 years. Dr. Fox is an assistant instructor primarily for the adult classes. Dr. Fox is a professor at ETSU, but continues to train and teach because of his love for the martial arts.