From Shihan Maylar

When I began teaching Karate in 1978, my goal was to bring quality Martial Arts to Johnson City at reasonable prices.  With this in mind, I continued to grow my Martial Arts program. I always thought Martial Arts should be geared towards self-defense with the benefits of self-confidence, focus, and self-discipline.


What makes us different?

Self-Confidence vs. pseudo-confidence At USA Karate we instill real self-confidence. Students become fully aware of their abilities. This gives them the self-confidence needed to deal with the full range of experiences that life throws at them. This includes everything from self defense situations to academic challenges. At USA Karate we strive to develop critical thinking. We teach principles and concepts that the student is encouraged to build upon. 

We make Karate affordable to everyone It is our desire to give anyone who comes to our school the ability to join without "breaking the bank." We understand you work hard for your money, and you want the best value for your dollar. It is our goal to give you the best quality of instruction at a low cost. We strive to keep tuition rates low and we don't price gouge you for things like uniforms and equipment. 

Strive for the best From the first day we help our students to set goals for themselves. For many, especially our younger students, they have never set a long term personal goal. The idea of working towards something without immediate gratification may be a foreign concept. From day one we show that working for the rank of Black Belt isn't something that happens over night. The initial realization comes from simply seeing the belt rank structure hanging on the wall. From that point as each student moves up in rank, more is expected from them. Simply knowing particular punches, kicks, or techniques is not enough. To earn the rank of Black Belt each student must demonstrate self-discipline, leadership skills, manners, maturity, and a certain level of physical fitness. Students do not simply "earn" a Black Belt by attendance alone, there must be a level of work and dedication that must be met as they move up in rank.

We encourage parental participation For our students who are minors we encourage the parents to be intimately involved throughout their child's Karate experience. We hope you will stay and watch your child as they participate in class and learn. You will see the noticeable difference in your child's confidence, self esteem, self-discipline, and focus. Parents are also encourage to participate in class discussions, especially when addressing topics such as self defense, bullying, and how to deal with issues in their school environment. Seeing first hand their parents support, helps the child to understand the best course of action they need to take when faced with particular issues. 

Experience All of our instructors have many years of training and experience. They have trained in various forms of Martial Arts and are highly skilled in providing quality instruction to our students. Each instructor has been selected by Mr. Malyar and are continually learning and growing in their training.