Martial Arts Style

Curt Malyar and USA Karate has essentially taught "Mixed Martial Arts" before the term and style became all the craze. Mr. Malyar began his learning and passion of the "Martial Sciences" with Wrestling. Early in his Karate training, Mr. Malyar understood that Karate and Wrestling had various similarities and could be used together. The fundamentals of what is taught at USA Karate is American Karate, Wrestling, and Kickboxing. You will discover at USA Karate students do not simply memorize movements, but learn practical concepts. Understanding the concept makes the difference in knowing how to defend oneself and going through the motions for the next belt rank. 

Karate legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace travels the world given seminars and is exposed to many different styles and schools. Mr. Wallace personally told Mr. Malyar that our kids know more than most adults.

Joe Lewis "The Father of American Kickboxing" has said that USA Karate is "Harvard of Martial Arts Schools" and is "cutting edge."

We Keep It Simple

We Teach Confidence, Discipline, & Determination

At USA Karate we do not compartmentalize our training. Martial Arts as a whole teaches and enables each student to discover their confidence, develop self-discipline, and determination by setting and reaching goals. Special programs, classes, or leadership training separate from our general classes are not needed. At USA Karate kids learn how to work with others as a team, how to socialize, and how to interact with respect. Our students not only learn to have respect for others, but to have respect for themselves. 

If a child is the victim of bullying they can begin to feel as if they deserve the bullying. They can even see the bullying as acceptable and tolerable behavior. Through hard work and goal progression, our students begin to see their self worth. They understand that bullying is never acceptable behavior. 

The lessons at USA Karate are much more than learning movements. We teach how to deal with real world possibilities and how to take the proper course of action with confidence in doing the right thing. Students learn how to deal with bullying through self-defense skills and techniques. However, it goes much deeper than knowing self-defense. Through the continuous practice and perfecting of techniques, our students begin to understand the concepts and applications of their training. In turn, this instills confidence that can be seen through physical outward signs, such as good posture, making eye contact, and speaking clearly. Most of the time bullies do not want to challenge someone who is confident, they prefer the "easy target." In essence the confidence that comes with learning self-defense skills defeats the bully without ever throwing a punch. Teaching confidence is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Martial Arts is a perfect tool to teach confidence. 

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