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Martial Arts Style

Curt Malyar and USA Karate has essentially taught "Mixed Martial Arts" before the term and style became all the craze. Mr. Malyar began his learning and passion of the "Martial Science" with Wrestling. Early in his Karate training, Mr. Malyar understood that Karate and Wrestling had various similarities and could be used together. The fundamentals of what is taught at USA Karate is American Karate, Wrestling, and Kickboxing. You will discover at USA Karate students do not simply memorize movements, but learn practical concepts. Understanding the concept makes the difference in knowing how to defend oneself and going through the motions for the next belt rank. 


American Karate is the evolution of traditional Okinawan and Japanese forms of Karate. It incorporates the use of various punches, kicks, self defense techniques, weapons training, and wrestling/grappling. This style allows for anyone, adult and child alike, to effectively learn to defend themselves against attacks from one or more attackers. Karate is the ultimate Martial Art. American Karate takes the best of Traditional Karate and streamlines the learning process for accelerated learning. This is done by eliminating certain traditional aspects such as forms and kata, and making Karate more viable for street fighting and self defense. 

Wrestling is the world's oldest sport. It has been around for centuries and is commonly found in high school and collegiate competitive settings. It is also dominant in successful mixed Martial Arts styles. Wrestling involves close-quarter, explosive movements from both standing and ground positions. Perfect for those who want a high intensity and fast-paced workout. 

Kickboxing is a more modern fighting system. It incorporates the use of punches, kicks, and boxing techniques. Kickboxing is very effective for tournament competitors and fitness enthusiasts alike as it is very high energy and encourages constant movement at a steady pace. Most kickboxing specialists derive their skills from American or Okinawan based Karate styles. Joe Lewis, the "Father of Modern Kickboxing," was an Okinawan Karate stylist. 

Traditional / Classical Karate when translated from Japanese means "Empty Hands." Karate is a Martial Art of self defense that originates from Okinawa, using the hands and feet and originally developed as a means of defense against the elite Japanese Samurai. The Okinawan people designed Karate with the adaptation of farming tools because the Japanese outlawed the the ownership and use of weapons by the Okinawan people. Traditional Karate relies heavily on the use of forms or "Kata" (memorization of a particular set of movements) as a means of teaching and promotion in belt rank. From a historical perspective, the span of time between 1615 and 1868 is considered the "Golden Age of Karate." It was during this time period that Karate was introduced to the main island of Japan. Funakoshi Gichin brought Karate to Japan from Okinawa to teach school-aged children. 

Karate legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace travels the world given seminars and is exposed to many different styles and schools. Mr. Wallace personally told Mr. Malyar that our kids know more than most adults.

Joe Lewis "The Father of American Kickboxing" has said that USA Karate is "Harvard of Martial Arts Schools" and is "cutting edge."